Did they change your mind about climate?

By Claire

Hopefully you managed to catch last night’s documentary “I can change your mind about… climate” on ABC1. If not, you can catch up here.

I was a bit unsure of exactly how the show would be presented, but I have to admit, I was nicely surprised. As someone who pretty much takes the stance of Anna Rose, one of the show’s protagonists, I found the overall tone of the show to be very positive. The science of climate change was presented very simply and clearly by a number of prominent climate scientists, including Matt England from UNSW.

I wont try to critique the show here, since there are already a number of posts that do a much better job than I could. Check them out.

The conversation “If it’s experts you’re after, look elsewhere”.

Skeptical Science “ABC documentary demonstrates the how and why of climate denial”

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