Summer arrives in the Capital

By Claire

Slather on the fake tan and shake off your short shorts because summer has arrived!!

After two years of below average temperatures in Canberra (caused by two consecutive La Ninas), hot summer days have returned to the capital – and it’s not even December yet!

Kicking off this week, we had temperatures of 33.4°C on Sunday our warmest day in almost 11 months, at almost 2°C warmer than our warmest November day last year.

And the forecast indicates that these temperatures will continue for the foreseeable future, with temperatures above 29°C forecast for the rest of the week. 

The cause of this warm weather is a high pressure system, sitting just off the east Australian coast. Air travels anti-clockwise around high pressure systems, parallel to the isobars on the weather map. From the map below, we can see that warm air from central and northern Australia is being directed south towards NSW and the ACT, bringing with it warm temperatures.

MSLP map from the 25th November.

Models are predicting neutral conditions to remain across the Pacific Ocean (neither El Nino or La Nina states), which means we can expect average conditions for the east coast of Australia this summer.

2 responses to “Summer arrives in the Capital

  1. I was reading that we have transitioned into a negative phase of the PDO/IPO (and will stay this way possibly for a decade/s) which means a wetter east coast. Shall I invest in a bulk order of fake tan?

  2. Negative PDO/IPO? Interesting. That could explain the strange looking SST predictions for this summer ( There doesn’t seem to be any pattern to the warm/cool SSTs (to my eye anyway…)

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