Ewok and data digitization appreciation!

By Kate H

Have you ever had data trapped in a graph with no means of accessing the sweet, juicy points yourself? The solution you need is WEBPLOTDIGITIZER:


plotThis is a really rad web program in which you drag and drop the graph of illusive and/or aggravating properties into an interactive window, where you simply coordinate the axes and select the desired data points, or trend line to be generated into an x-y (or other coordinate system) csv file !

If you weren’t already convinced, then follow as I extract useful but obscured information from an informative graph. Barney Stinsons ‘Ewok Line’, pictured below, can be digitised and the entire data set accessed.

I now have the data that will help me reveal the age of anyone who’s feelings I know towards Ewoks with high levels of certainty! I could also use the plot to compare it to my own data set, to see the questionability of the Ewok Line theorem.


Comparing data sets it appears the Ewok Line isn’t completely robust!

A more serious online tutorial can be found at: http://arohatgi.info/WebPlotDigitizer/?page_id=58

5 responses to “Ewok and data digitization appreciation!

  1. Nice, that could become handy at some points. Just had a quick try with one of my one graphs and seems to work quite well.

  2. On Stinsons Ewok Line: I would say your used data set is not fit to test this hypothesis. “Lucas, G” is just not a trustworthy source. Always remember: Han shot first :D

  3. One program I have used in the past is Plot Digitizer. It is a Java program, so it works on any platform.


  4. Amazing app. I scanned the TAS diagram from Rollinson (with the coordinates of the fields on it) to check it and it worked alright. If you don’t mind, I will post the results in my blog (citing your post, of course). Thank you for sharing.

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