By Kelly Strzepek

I had someone from an overseas institute once  make comment on the lack of female representation on my panel of supervisors, and that perhaps this was deliberate. If what he was insinuating wasn’t so downright ludicrous I may have been insulted. The sad fact is that I would have loved to have a woman on my panel, BUT THERE WEREN’T ANY!

There are many different reasons why women may not go into science in the first place, and so many more as to why they don’t stay. An article in New Scientist earlier this year covers a number of these reasons, click here for an overview. While many institutes (including my own) are trying to address this under representation, we still have a long way before there is gender balance beyond the student body. However, in the future I hope that there will be more women  contributing advice to the PhD community. Imagine that, women in earth science, without socks and sandals? What IS the world coming to?