Christmas draws near and the Research School is closed for the holiday period. By the time it opens again I shall be out on the Southern Ocean somewhere. I had hoped to bring in the new year out at sea but alas, there have been delays resupplying Casey Station, and so the Aurora Australis won’t be leaving on the 31st as scheduled, but on the 2nd. I understand that 2 days is not a long time to be delayed but it feels like and ETERNITY to me. So just a bit of background:

I worked as a diving instructor and came back to university because I wanted, more than anything, to go to the Antarctic. I thought I could become an Antarctic Division diver but they told me I needed a science degree. So 6 1/2  years later, I not only have a science degree with Honours, I am half way through a PhD. I no longer want to go as a diver  (do you know how cold it is down there????) I want to go as a scientist. My husband has already been on the Aurora, and we had discussed going as tourists, although to me this was not ideal. So when the opportunity arose for me to take part in this voyage I may have thrown myself at it, as much as my 5 ” 3″ frame would allow. So for some 2 days is not a big delay but I have already waited 2373!

Today many are wrapping up Christmas presents and looking for shorts and t-shirts for the great Australian BBQ. However I am searching through my woollens drawer for my summer outfits. My silly beanie to clothing ratio is a little high at the moment, and I probably don’t need more than 2 pairs of leg warmers. I am also having a problem trying to fit my ‘intrepid’ cardy in my backpack. Yes you can have cardigans that are intrepid. My cardy has been scuba diving with me in the icy cold waters off Washington State (under a dry suit of course), it has been skydiving over the Yarra Valley and it helped me brave the cold while I was scaling volcanoes in New Zealand. The cardy simply has to come to the Antarctic.

T minus 10 and counting…..