Kelly and the Boson: RV Tangaroa 2009

Plan A (A for ‘atrocious weather at Casey Station’) was to be out on the Southern Ocean for New Year’s Eve, then Plan B (B for ‘but the weather is still bad’) was to be out on the Southern Ocean for the 3rd. Plan C (C for ‘come on really can we go yet’) is to be out on the Southern Ocean for the 5th, and seeing that I haven’t had an email saying the Aurora is delayed again I think I shall head out to sea in 4 days and counting. I have changed my flight and accommodation three times, aswell as my appointment to be “kitted” with all the appropriate gear; a plethora of ridiculous beanies is apparently not enough. I was slightly panicked that the delays would mean that the voyage would be shortened, but I have been assured that the science must go on!

It’s not such a bad thing as it gives me a chance to repack, a little lighter this time. We are permitted two bags, neither to exceed 15 kg, and well at this point my backpack weighs a little more than that and I haven’t all my toiletries in there. Don’t snigger, it really is important. I’ve travelled a lot over the years and with the global community as it is, you can ALWAYS go and get those bits an pieces you may have forgotten. I rarely remember my toothbrush and I hate to be left without the appropriate frock. In this case I can’t see the frock being that necessary however if I am without a toothbrush that could be quite dire indeed, especially for the poor lady I am sharing a cabin with. I have been to sea once before, yes that is me with the silly beanie with the boson and  his own  modified safety headwear (I do love a good sport), and the one thing I learned is that you should never go to sea without tweezers. Tweezers, tampons, toenail clippers and  technology (iPod, laptop etc) and you are set. You can adjust that list slightly if you are a man, or not, and be someone’s hero.

And don’t ever forget a little treat for yourself. Last time it was chocolate covered ginger. I’ve haven’t been able to eat it since as I may have ‘treated’ myself a little too much. This time it is Lindt chocolate, the chilli flavour, to keep me warm. Oh and for the love of Poseidon, don’t forget your passport. We may have driven for an hour and a half out of Canberra on the way to the folks for Christmas when I had to tell my husband we needed to go back for my passport….now there’s a good sport!