Technically it is less than one day now. We should sail today but it may be the very early hours of Friday morning. No matter, this is my last day on land for almost 6 weeks. I finally finished the repack last night and my hand hankies and I are ready to go. It’s not every day that you get to pack a pair of boots that are rated to -40 °C.  We are due on the dock in a few hours for the weigh in and then to clear customs. We will spend the afternoon going through safety drills and practicing getting in and out of life rafts, before dinner in the mess. In somewhat alarming news the folks at ‘kitting’ recommended taking a pants that were roomy as most people put on an average of 1 kg per week that they are at sea. YIKES! I’d believe it too, my last trip on the Tangaroa was a little under four weeks and I did show evidence of a constantly restocked ice-cream freezer……Okay off for a walk to enjoy the land while I can.