The weather forecast for tomorrow is riveting to say the least. We’ve all been glued to the latest updates which went from 4-5 metre swell (definitely not 6), to 5-7 metre  swell (which I thought included 6 but I’m no mathematician), to the possibility of 10 (oh my that appears excessive)……but has since been downgraded to 4-5 metres again. It all hinges on the position of the low pressure system to the north of us, which is still predicted to produce 9 metre swell around 56 south, but will have passed by the time we arrive at that position.

According to the good captain Murray, 4-5 metres means:

1. definitely stow everything (which you should have done anyway, this is a ship), 2. the galley will remain operational (people tend to hang onto their food while everything else flies around the mess, although they may lose it later) and

3) the CTD may not be deployed due to the risk of the wire breaking in the heavy swell and the equipment being lost to the depths (which at 4 km is not trivial).

We have been very fortunate that the weather has enabled our toiletries to remain in the shower recess, but I think I shall put them away this evening. If the seas are too rough then we will likely be stuck in our cabins, and if you don’t hear from me it’s because I am wedged in my bunk trying not to become airborne.