We have a number of things on exhibit at the moment, one oceanographic and one slightly more artistic. As expeditioners we are making excellent progress, having passed the halfway mark of the I9 transect. The weather is set to turn on us in the next few days with predictions of 6-7 metre swells by the end of the week. Mind you last time we heard that we ended up in smallish but terribly confused swell so I look forward to the unfolding weather conditions.

The CTD casts are about to become positively shallow (3000m) as we traverse the approaching ridge system, an indication that we are crossing the main core of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (Rintoul, 2012). And below us the sea is warming, a whole 3 degrees in the last day, which would be a great relief to my colleagues.  I should publicly apologise to Adam for the “help” I gave on his last shift. He ended up soaking wet on one side while I remained remarkably dry, yet he didn’t take up the offer for me to even it out for him. Clearly my aim is getting much better!

After lunch today we were treated to something very different indeed.

Our resident artist, Wendy Sharpe, gave a presentation of her work and then an exhibition of what she has painted and sketched so far. It’s no wonder that she won the Archibald Prize some years back, she has an extraordinary talent. I particularly liked the paintings of stormy seas and icescapes. And she has drawn the most fabulous diaries. They are an account of the day to day occurrences on the ship but sketched in a fold out book, rather than a ranting blog for example. The exhibition was finished with another auction with all proceeds going to the Mawson’s Hut Foundation. Unfortunately the PhD stipend is not quite enough to cover rent and buying art work…..