Team Acid painted by Wendy Sharpe. Image courtesy of Donna Roberts.

By Kelly Strzepek

It’s not everyday that an Archibald Prize winning artists paints you at work….on a ship…..heading for the Antarctic. This image was taken from one of the story books, or visual diaries, that Wendy Sharpe painted during the Mawson’s Centenary voyage while on board the Aurora Australis. That’s me in between Delphine and the indomitable Dr Donna Roberts. You can just see the next scene, one from the mess, blending in on the right. I thought I should clarify that, I don’t want any one to think there were people eating in the lab…..or that our lab was in the kitchen. But back to Wendy.

Her ability to capture both the incredible scenery, as well as what it is actually like to be at sea were remarkable. I don’t know that many who could portray a rolling ship and the associated seasickness with such clarity, whilst on a rolling ship and feeling seasick. To read more about Wendy’s work, and the upcoming exhibition which will raise proceeds for the Mawson’s Hut Foundation click here, or visit Wendy’s website.