Aimee Komugabe of RSES

This week splashing the front of the ANU’s homepage is our very own Aimee Komugabe. Aimee works on a particularly long-lived family of deep-sea coral that can archive their surrounding environment for thousands of years.  The old adage is true, “you are what you eat”, with Aimee’s black corals displaying evidence of their diet within their skeletons. This diet, at least in part, rains down from surface waters often thousands of metres above and enables Aimee to reconstruct past surface conditions. One area of interest is to reconstruct how ocean circulation may have changed in the region and how this may relate to the changes we are currently seeing in the East Australian Current. Another significant change that is often seen is her hair. While the homepage only went live last week when I saw her this morning her hair was straight, green purple and yellow and twice as long. Who ever said scientists were dull?

Click here to read more about her (but not her hair) and her research on black corals