By: Claire Krause

Last week, alleged memos from the known climate skeptics group, “the Heartland Institute” were leaked online. These documents outlined plans to raise funds to continue to spread misinformation throughout the US media, and even into classrooms. Documents suggest that the group has drawn up draft curricula, aimed to suppress the science of climate change, labeling the research as “controversial and uncertain.”

The Heartland Institute has denied these allegations, claiming that some of the documents were faked, while others had been altered. These documents were apparently stolen by prominent scientist, Peter Gleick, who was sent the memos after posing as a board member of the Heartland Institute.

The reputation of the Heartland Institute, as well as a number of prominent climate skeptics named in the report has been called into question. Supposedly anonymous donors to the Institute have also been named in the memos, including Microsoft.

This incident will hopefully draw attention to the intentional misinformation being spread about the science of climate change by vested lobby groups.

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