By Kelly Strzepek

Here at the ANU we are very privileged to have our own world leading Climate Change Institute (CCI) right here on campus. The institute’s directive is to connect the broad range of academic fields from science to policy that are directly relevant to action on climate change.  I have always been struck by their capacity to involve younger academics, namely undergraduate and graduate students, in events and seminars that promote an interdisciplinary approach to addressing the enormous issues related to climate change. While the pursuit of knowledge is noble in its own right, without an application for this knowledge it is hard for many to maintain the motivation to continue studying. I salute the hard-working team at the CCI who put together events such as the upcoming PhD EXPO where students across the disciplines can share their research, their experiences and foster networks and collaborations that will provide opportunities for their future careers, and for the planet too. It’s win-win I tell you.

Learn more about this upcoming event  here (registration for ANU students only)