The good folks at Google in Japan have done something wonderful to the previously quite unnerving Street View. They’ve gone underground. Using some pretty powerful lights they’ve imaged the inside of the cave so that you can get the walk-through experience (bar the cold, the wet, the mud, the hard-hats and overalls and the general atmosphere) from the comfort of your own desk or armchair.  Its quite spectacular stuff, and they’ve chosen a really nice cave (obviously already a tourist attraction in Japan) filled with some excellent formations.  Make sure you look up! Its obviously not as good as the real thing. I won’t be giving up caves quite yet!

Google Street View Takes You Inside Ancient Japanese Caves [VIDEO].

They’ve also imaged an old mine, which is a lot more dull!

Google マップ – 地図検索.

Happy Procrastinating!

PS. I really hate the word spelunking, and feel slightly dirty for using it, but it seemed appropriate here.