Must get samples ready to take to Hobart in 10 days. Which means I may need to prepare some more, then I’ll need to allow time for three days worth of chemistry per batch of 10. Do I have all the chemicals? I had better check. Must get radiocarbon samples ready before I  leave for Hobart. There’s another 2-3 days, oh drat, I need to prepare the graphite line before I can start. And I should mill some more samples too…..

I need to put a poster together for a student conference before I leave for Hobart, then a poster and an oral presentation before I leave for Amsterdam on the 31st of March. Hmmmmm need to collect all the data, write code in matlab, then interpret the data, plot it, make a coherent talk and remember to eat more than toast over the sink for dinner. I always thought that the label of the absent-minded academic was a kind way of saying ‘old people with dementia’. If this is the case it would appear I have dementia.

Two nights ago I arrived home to discover that I hadn’t locked the back door when I left that morning. Last night I got home to discover I hadn’t locked the front. If someone breaks in (technically it’s more trespassing if they don’t have to break anything) then I hope they bring food, because I keep forgetting to go shopping. Yesterday, I discovered I’d left my bike leaning against the rail with the lock  in the basket…….it had been there for  two days. At work today I put milk in my tea that was dated Dec. 18th. I need my mother.

In my defence I don’t actually think I have a degenerative illness, although I’m open to discussion, I am just trying to juggle 20 competing demands all at once. I reeled off the things directly to do with my PhD, but I also have a list of other demands outside my PhD life (it’s true there is one), i.e I keep meaning to put up a photo gallery on this blog but who has the time! My life has become a complicated array of lists, alarms and sticky notes. I’m 36. What will happen when I’m 66? I don’t actually think I can get any worse, unless of course I forget where I work. If anyone sees me wandering the streets, please point me in the direction of the Research School of Earth Sciences, I probably have samples to prepare.