By Kelly

As much as I would like to say that this is from my own field work, that would be a bit of a lie. I was at the symposium, but I can’t say that I have ever been down in a submersible. However, I should like to make that point that seeing I do study deep-sea coral, it is not a complete stretch to say that this could be my office one day…’s pretty cool being an oceanographer. Yes Kate, yes it is. Unfortunately, my amazing talk is not featured, however one of my supervisors makes an appearance at  2 mins 20 secs…go Ron!

Not only do you see some amazing footage of deep-sea coral but you get to see what makes my PhD possible….marine snow! The ‘snow’ that you see in the first few seconds of footage is the food source that rains down from surface waters i.e the biological pump. This snow takes with it a signature of processes that occur in surface waters, and this sam signature can then be retrieved from the coral skeleton (with a few caveats, assumptions, interpretation and a LOT of work).