By Claire

For all of the information that is out there that climate change is happening, there is almost as much misinformation that claims it’s all a lie. You will get a very different opinion of climate change if you speak to an average person off the street, than if you speak to a climate scientist.

On ABC1, at 8:30pm on Thursday the 26th April, a documentary called “I can change your mind about climate” will be aired.

The premise of the documentary is that two people, one from each extreme of the climate debate, will essentially try to convince the other person of their stance on climate change.

The two people involved in the debate are, Anna Rose, the founder of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (an awesome organisation – go check it out!), and Nick Minchin, a retired senitor.

As a prelude to the documentary, ABC has conducted a survey of people’s views in climate change. I have to say, I am really disheartened by the results so far. Around 50% of the respondents so far are ‘dismissive’ of the idea of climate change. This means that they are certain that climate change is not real, it will not cause society any problems and we shouldn’t be doing anything about it.

As a climate scientist, this makes me very concerned. There is clearly a complete lack of understanding of the science of climate change, or there is simply a mistrust of the information being given by climate scientists. This is clearly a huge failing on our (i.e. the scientists’) part in communicating our knowledge.

I hope that this documentary will address some of this misinformation. I will certainly be tuning in.