Tonight (7/May) on Radio National at 8:05pm, an esteemed panel will talk about how one plans for an uncertain climate future: “Can you plan for extreme weather events like catastrophic floods, one in a hundred year droughts, and the nation’s food bowl running out of water?  Climate change means we face an unpredictable future. So what can be done to prepare and what will it mean for urban development, irrigated agriculture, and the health of waterways?”

Guest speakers are Alastair Driver (National Conservation Manager, UK Environment Agency), Barbara Norman (Professor of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Canberra), Jay O’Keefe (Professor, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa), Karlene Maywald (water consultant, ex-National Party MP & minister, South Australian parliament), Dr Rob Vertessy (Acting Director and CEO, Bureau of Meteorology), and Phil Cummins (Deputy Commissioner, Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry).

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