A friendly echidna that came to visit whilst I was on my second year field mapping course, near Buchan, Victoria in September 2006.

One thing in common for most earth scientists, regardless of whether they study rocks, corals, ice or the atmosphere, is that they love to take photos and create images. These images vary from photos of people, rocks, boats, and penguins on fieldwork, through to the colourful graphical outputs of models and also the highly magnified images of crystals within a rock or various microscopic organisms. Recently some of us at OnCirculation have been creating various galleries showing these images.

Currently we have the following:

Namibia/South Africa by Dom: Images and videos from the recent undergraduate field trip to South Africa and Namibia.

Mantle Rocks by Brendan: A collection of images of garnet and spinel from some mantle peridotites.

Antarctica 2012 by Kelly:  Photos form Kelly’s mush blogged trip to Antarctica on the Mawson 100th Anniversary Expedition.

Taemas 2011/12 by Nick: A collection of photos from a second year structural geology course near Wee Jasper, NSW.

Puerto Rico 2010 by Kelly: A collection of photos relating to diving fieldwork and lab work in Puerto Rico.

Chatham Rise 2008 by Kelly: Images from a research voyage off the southeast of New Zealand.