By Kelly

This is an interesting question and one I wouldn’t have a clue how to answer, but I know who does. I’m a little late off the mark here but the Canberra Urban and Regional Futures (CURF) seminar series continues with a lecture from Professor Stephen Dovers, Director of the Fenner School of Environment and Society. Professor Dover writes:

“As we approach 2013, this lecture invites consideration of identifying Canberra not only as national capital but also as a nationally recognised experiment and laboratory for the ecologically sustainable and humanly desirable development of Australia settlements and landscapes. Canberra could be that laboratory, but is not yet. If we accept that we are still settling Australia and learning how to live in Australian environments, what better place to explicitly undertake that learning than Canberra? A young city, with an extraordinary endowment of research and knowledge institutions, a population that should be positively inclined, suitable institutional capacities and planning frameworks, a unique combination of local and state government functions, and a viable mix of urban form and non-urban landscapes. Such a role may even over time reverse the diminished status of the nation’s capital in the national public discourse.”

Here, here! Perhaps it is that I am a little older and have already travelled the world, but I can honestly say that I really enjoy living in Canberra. And I am even fonder of a proactive stance on climate change! Hope to see you all there.
Date: Monday 21 May 2012
Time: 5.30-7pm, followed by refreshments.

Location: Hedley Bull Lecture Theatre 1, Cnr Liversidge St and Garran Rd, Australian National University.

 If you plan on joining me please register and  RSVP to (02-6125 0633) by Thursday 17 May 2012 for catering purposes.

For more information download the flyer or head to the CURF website.