By Nick

A happy geologist

Want to know the secret of happiness? Whisper it quietly, but the answer might be to study geology.

A national student survey in the UK showed that Geology students are the happiest with their degree. An overwhelming 95% of geology studying respondents were happy with their degree.

This is an old survey from 2008, but it recently popped up on my radar again, and I thought it might deserve a post. If only to highlight how awesome my subject is.

Photography was bottom with 67% with business and administration at 69%. It seems that languages also scored highly along with the more applied disciplines of biology.

So why is geology so popular? This wasn’t included in the survey but I might hazard a few guesses of my own. 1) awesome subject matter: volcanoes, dinosaurs, plate tectonics, climate, ice sheets, earthquakes, planets, structure of the earth, oceans and so on and so on. 2) field-trips: lots of them. 3) the chance to work with top level scientists right from the first day of an undergraduate degree: a small community really helps. 4) contains both practical elements relative to today and more purer science.  5) its hands on. 6) it develops new ways of thinking about thinks, not just gaining knowledge and finally 7) Generally awesome people!

And some more good news (well, opinion), unlike other sciences, geologists tend not to peak early, so the good times can keep on rolling (even if there is the odd sticky patch – you’ll get through it Kelly!).

So the secret is out, we’re a pretty happy bunch doing fun things in our discipline. Come and join us!