By Claire

I’ve said before that I find climate change to be very overwhelming. The problem seems so big and who knows where to start?

Well, here is something you can do, and you don’t even need to leave your computer.

There is an organisation called 100% renewables which is campaigning to move Australia towards 100% renewable energy. Currently, this organisation is campaigning the government to set up ‘big solar’ projects within Australia, using the proposed $10 billion renewable energy loan fund.

As I have said before, the future of Australia is in renewable energy. It is not viable to continue to base our whole way of life on non-renewable resources. We need to begin to transition to a renewable, green economy.

As part of the 100% renewables campaign for big solar, they are conducting a poll to get the opinions of Australians on investing in solar energy.

Take a minute to take part in the poll and add your voice to the campaign for solar investment.