Excellent geology beard, as ever

By Mike

A miscommunication and a typically geological hangover led yesterday to me and my housemate, a Frenchman no less, going to see Prometheus. It seemed to be a film broadly based around aliens and humans and stuff, although I personally was too preoccupied with having paid $4.20 for a bottle of water that the storyline seemed to slip right by me.

NOTE: Geology-related spoiler alert!!

In an interesting homage to the Earth Sciences, Ridley Scott had chosen to include a geologist. His job, like my previous job and the job of many other geologists, was ‘mapping’. For me, this involved walking around endless fields, moorlands, grasslands etc, looking at rocks and trying to piece together the underlying geology, punctuated of course by hourly 2nd breakfast/morning tea/elevensies/lunch/afternoon tea/tea/beer breaks and searches for nice comfy rocks to sit on. For the geologist in Prometheus, it involved throwing little silver balls in the air and letting them do the work (and actually ignoring rocks).

Most amazingly though, this geologist eventually became possessed by some sort of snake octopus thing and ended up trying to murder people. Now, I know literally over 10 geologists, and I checked, and none of them have ever been possessed or murdered anyone.

So the obvious question that we must ask is: is this just made-up science fiction or a prediction of the future of geology? Remember though, Prometheus is set around 80 years in the future so we should be ok for now.