The Giganotosaurus could bite your head off!

By Evan

Several people in RSES are off to the Goldschmidt conference in Canada during the next week, and I know that our own Nick is going to have a visit of the city of Toronto. One attraction there is the Royal Ontario Museum, where a new exhibit on the dinosaurs of Gondwana has just opened up.

Gondwana was a massive supercontinent that existed between 510 and 180 million years ago, preceding the formation of Pangaea (note that all these dinosaurs lived after 180 million years ago!). It included Africa, South America, Antarctica, India and Australia. Museum curator David Evans created this display to show off some of the more unusual dinosaurs that developed during the Mesozoic period. Since these dinosaurs lived in the continents that are in the southern hemisphere, they have not got the same exposure that their northern hemisphere brethren have got. This includes the mighty Giganotosaurus, which may have reached sizes larger than the more well known Tyrannosaurus Rex!