By Kelly

Apparently these woman are heading to the lab?

There has been quite the hub-bub around the science blogs this week in response to the latest advertising campaign launched by the European Commission. “Science: It’s a Girl Thing” has apparently gone viral and will either have you laughing at the ludicrousness, shocked at the schlack or perhaps just a little ashamed to be human. It’s appears to be a girl band advertising lipstick, but no! it’s aimed at attracting (attractive?) young women into science. Is this harsh coming from a woman who gave a blog the byline “it’s not just about socks and sandals”? For the record I would like to state that just because I don’t wear socks and sandals, doesn’t mean that I wear stilettos in the lab instead. I own stilettos, but I also own feather boas and you don’t see me wandering around the lab in those either. 

I could go on, and I probably will in days to come, but for now it’s 11:50pm and I still haven’t finished grooming the data that came off the instrument today. While the European Commission may market this as a ‘girl’ thing, today I’d market it as a ‘makes you stay up late staring at spread sheets’ thing. But I am still up working by choice, because I love my science. And that is what attracted me to this PhD, not the thought of disco lighting in the lab.

There is a great post at SciencePunk (a personal favourite) where you can also see the video: Science: It’s a girl thing. Excuse me while I die inside.