By Kelly

This week I think it only right we play tribute to the Higgs Boson, the science, the scientists and public perception of our first peek at the ‘god particle’.  In a previous post Nick found a great cartoon explaining the science behind the Higgs that even I could understand. Today, on this day of the not-so-serious I would like to highlight some of the controversy surrounding the presentation itself, in particular the use of the font comic sans. If you believe the Huffington Post, possibly the world’s most popular blog, then there was just as much twitter traffic surrounding the use of the world’s ugliest font to present the greatest scientific breakthrough in decades, than there was on the god particle itself. My favourite ‘tweet’ was the rebuttal to Professor Brian Cox -the dishiest of physicists who was defending the choice of font that has long been condemned by the design industry. When he quipped that he thought the choice was fine he got…

“If you have no taste. Using Comic Sans (except in comic strips) is like doing physics in Imperial units.” (Alastair Houghton@alastairh) And..

“Dear @CERN: Every time you use Comic Sans on a Powerpoint, God kills the Schrödinger’s cat; Please think of the cat” (@fred_SSC ) Touché.

And if that is not enough silliness for you some smarty pants went out and interviewed a collection of ‘hipsters’ from off the street to see how well the Higgs was known to the achingly hip. Turns out not so well, except for one young woman who was instantly called a geek by her friend. Come on this is an amazing moment in science! Clearly the interviewer was not near Columbia University where they had a sleepover to make sure they could all watch the announcement on the big screen. Now that is cool.

In each case it has been a very playful, not-so-serious banter that has surrounded one of the truly great moments in science. To see the Huffington Post article click here, or the hipsters telling you that the Higgs is an art installation here, or a look at the crazy kids from Columbia University, just over the bridge from the hipsters, here. And don’t forget Nick’s post if you are still in the dark as to what all this fuss is about, here.