By Kelly

It is almost as exciting as the circus, perhaps for some it is more exciting than the circus, but in reality it is the 34th International Geological Conference (IGC) and it starts  in Brisbane  on the 5th of August. This leaves you plenty of time to get into, or out of, Brisbane depending on how you feel about geologists. I know I wish I was going as it will showcase work from across the geosciences, provide opportunity to mingle (did someone say post doc?) and there is always a field trip involved. Unfortunately I will be missing out on this one, but I do believe most of the Research School will be there so don’t worry, we’ll hear all about it. And until then I shall live vicariously through their particularly cool Facebook page with its plethora of links, photos, videos and articles.

To visit the official site click here or did I mention they have a great Facebook page? You can find it here.