By Mike

Masters’ level powerpoint front slide. Spot the ranga kitten.

We all have different opinions about what makes a good geologist. Some believe that a good geologist is able to identify rocks while others think a real geologist needs a good understanding of the whole earth system. I personally have always been of the opinion that the most important skill of the geologist is to be able to incorporate kittens into all of his or her work, either surreptitiously or not.

I have successfully incorporated a kitten into a masters’ level presentation (see image, try and spot the kitten) and my undergraduate mapping project hidden behind a layer of sandstone. In both of these cases I seemed to do well, and is this a coincidence? I think not.

When I told Kelly I was going to write about kittens she said it sounded purrfect, which I thought was an amewwsing comment. The important thing to remember is if you want to succeed, kittens are the way to go. This is a lesson which was hopefully heeded by NASA when they designed the Mars Rover… time will tell.