By Mike

what would his mother say

I still remember the Mars landing like it was the day before yesterday, watching those grainy thumbnails coming through like an early 90s photo, or like those odd photos of the ground you end up with when you lend someone your camera at a party. I remember learning something about peanuts. I remember wondering who the attractive woman was and why did the camera seem to focus on her most of all. But most of all (as far as this blog goes, with much exaggeration) I remember looking at the NASA guy with the mohawk and wondering whether that mohawk was really a thing or was it just my imagination..

Thankfully ‘NASA mohawk guy’ is now an internet sensation, according to The Age and pointed out to me by Kelly. I myself have shaved off the sides of my head twice in my life, once for a dare and the other time for a race. However, neither time did i successfully land ANYTHING on Mars or get on a live NASA stream. I can only assume this is because I’m a geologist, and if you want an auspicious outcome of a silly haircut you had better be involved in space. Or, at the very least, planetary science.