By Luna

The WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Man in London. Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images.

I live in one of the shiny new Unilodges that grew at the edge of the campus less than one year ago. As expected, everything is new, never being used and, supposedly, environmentally friendly. All said, what I really think is environmentally friendly is the toilet, as rain water is used for flushing. What about the rest? Well, here are my little thoughts of the day. After 3-4 weeks of my stay, the bulb from one of the table lamps burnt out.  We tried to change it with no success and decided to bring it back to the reception. They basically substituted the entire lamp! It seemed there is no way whatsoever to extract the bulb from the lamp. What happens to the lamp once it doesn’t work anymore, I leave it to your imagination.

After 4 months, instead, the range hood stopped working. Again, we informed the reception and guess what! Instead of being fixed, the range hood got changed with a new and shiny one. My partner asked what would have happened to the former one and the answer was simply: “It will go into the garbage.” A four-month-old range hood!

Bottom line? In a world where we are experiencing great discoveries and technology developments, and we are all very much aware of our impact on the environment, we still arguing about a carbon tax, and we are comfortable with this consumerism that only benefits the market.

What about putting a tax for the producers? The least the products last, the highest is the price to pay.

Oh, but no cheating, the price for the consumers must stay the same.