By Nick

A cat gets excited about Earth Sciences Week. Photo from the Nova Geoblog by Callan Bentley


Welcome to the greatest week of the year, the week everybody has been waiting for with baited breath. Bigger than a big thing in a big box, gift-wrapped. Bigger than a big ice-cream with seven scoops, whipped cream, a flake and sprinkles. Earth Sciences Week is upon us. Rejoice!


No matter what the real size of Earth Sciences week its still a great time to get involved in the earth sciences, or plan a way to stay involved. There are lots of events coming up across Australia. Right here in Canberra there are competitions for geology photos, short films on a geology theme, and a night-time opening of the National Dinosaur Museum, focusing on Australia’s dinosaurs.

Plus, there is a Geology careers expo, open to both high-school and university students. So come and find out where a career in geology could really take you*.

Loads more stuff is happening across the country, and across the world.

Check out Geoscience Australia for more info!


* either somewhere fun, or somewhere with lots of cash, either way you win.