By Claire

Watching the news this morning, Hurricane Sandy is attracting all sorts of hyperbole. “Frankenstorm”, “the hurricane of the century”, “once in a lifetime event”, “the Perfect Storm”. Are all these titles justified?

Just how big is Hurricane Sandy?

Well, I decided to try to transfer the size of the hurricane to the east coast of Australia to get an idea of the scale of the storm, and I was quite shocked by the results.

Hurricane Sandy as seen from space. You can just make out Florida in the bottom left-hand corner for scale.
The size of Hurricane Sandy if it was occurring on the east coast of Australia.








If Hurricane Sandy was occurring off the east coast of Australia, tropical storm force winds (sustained (1-minute average) surface wind speeds equal to or exceeding 34 kt…39 mph) would extend from Melbourne to Brisbane!

I think I have to concede that the title, “Storm of the Century” may in fact be warranted in this case.