By Claire

Tomorrow, the 14th November 2012, Australia will be in a prime position to view a solar eclipse, occurring as the moon passes between the Earth and the Sun.

While solar eclipses are relatively common – occurring somewhere on Earth every 18 months or so, they are limited to specific geographical areas, meaning they are not often visible from Australia.

The best place to view the full solar eclipse is Carins, Australia. Other parts of Australia will be able to see a partial eclipse throughout the morning.

It is very important to remember not to look directly into the sun when trying to view the eclipse!! The simplest way to see the eclipse is to poke a small hole in a piece of cardboard, and project the image of the sun onto a piece of paper.

RSES’s very own Joe Cali is organising the eclipse viewing site in Cairns. He has a whole lot of information available on his website, so check it out.

If you happen to be in Canberra tomorrow, Mount Stromlo will have telescopes set up to allow you to safely view the eclipse. Check out their website for details.