In search for structure.

By Marian

After a night of wining, dinning, sky gazing and chess, getting ready in the morning was a bit slow. A cold shower, some Saturday morning New Zealand TV and a muffin later, we were all packed up and back on the road towards Kaikoura.

On route to Kaikoura down state highway 1, we visit major faults that make up the Marlborough fault system. First stop the Awatere fault, the only fault in Marlborough to offset a major Neogene basin.

Highlight of the day, was a hike along the Waima river, following orange triangles directing walkers in and out of the riverbed. Being the last day of fieldwork, and considering the strict customs protocols of New Zealand and Australia, most people were weary of getting their boots wet. This was a tough task since we had to cross the river several times before the route leaves the riverbed for a short time then meets Isolated Creek. “But I think Mike pulled it off”. After a while we reach the Saw Cut Gorge. A narrow gorge sliced into solid limestone. Still nursing sore muscles from the Dun mountain climb, I couldn’t imagine this hike was easy for most people. But I am sure a cool swim in the river, made it worthwhile.

Saw Cut Gorge
Marian sitting by a tight fold.

A few more stops at other fault zones and Alex declares the field trip officially over. About time too….Did I have a pie today?

The day ended with dinner and of course, beers and some singing. Awesome trip folks!!!

View from Kaikoura, and with that, the trip is over!