The core of OnCirculation from top, Kelly Strzepek and Evan Gowan, and bottom, Claire Krause, Nick Scroxton and Brendan Hanger
The team from top left, Kelly Strzepek, Evan Gowan, Claire Krause, Nick Scroxton and Brendan Hanger

By Kelly

On this day, a whole year ago, I penned my very first blog post and so began OnCirculation: It’s not just about socks and sandals. Since then I’ve penned a further 186 (but who’s counting) and perhaps learned a thing or two about blogging in the process. But before I share my thoughts I should first give my thanks to all the people who made this possible. Getting a post up everyday is no easy task and without the significant contributions from Claire, Nick, Evan and Brendan OnCirculation would have looked a lot different (and not for the better!) Together the team has covered topical issues, breaking news and the latest research in climate both present and past, the solid and emerging earth, and the solar system beyond. We’ve talked about  the oceans from the warm, to the cold, to the frozen solid, and melting again. And we’ve let you walk in our shoes.

The PhD process is a bit of a roller coasters and we’ve written through the highs and the lows and in between. For those who have followed from the beginning we  have brought you along while we attended conferences, went to sea, went to tropical destinations and those more frigid. We’ve battled with plotting programs, with writing code, with instruments and sometimes with just coming in to the office. But it is always with a smile, or at least a bit of a smirk, because after all we all love we all love being Earth Scientists.

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The involvement of science in the media is as important as it is at times fraught  with difficulty. I have heard ‘science communication’ breathed in the same aggrieved tones as ‘networking’. But if one can dispel common misconceptions (CO2 can be harmful no matter what the mechanisms of photosynthesis!) and explain complicated science in a manner that is accessible to all then surely it is time well spent. So personally I have to thank Evan and Bianca for teaching me more about geodesy from their posts on geomagnetism and calculating ice volume than I ever learned as an undergraduate! And this is what has really surprised, and delighted me, about this experience as a blogger: the amount that I learned from reading our own blog!

From our humble beginnings with just a few readers to several thousand hits a week we will be striving to make a presence felt even more in the coming year. The ANU takes its presence in the media very seriously, and prides itself in informing and improving the quality of public debate. I hope that as OnCirculation goes from strength to strength that we can increasingly play our part in this tradition. So on that note, depending on which time zone you are in, if you have a glass raise it (it’s 10am here, I think I shall just raise my tea-cup) to OnCirculation’s terribly successful first year, and to many more ahead.