plastic_bagsBy Claire

The ACTs plastic bag ban has been in place for a year now and the world hasn’t come to an end (despite claims to to contrary).

The effectiveness of the ACT’s plastic bag ban has yet to be properly evaluated, with a report due out in the next month or so. This report will address claims that sales of plastic bin liners has increased dramatically in response to the banning of single-use plastic bags.

I actually live in NSW, where plastic bags are still allowed, and I do keep forgetting to bring my own bags when I shop in the ACT. (I do still try to remember to bring my own bags even when shopping in NSW. I have a plastic bag bag that is threatening to explode all over the kitchen floor though. I only need so many bin liners!)

As expected, the behaviour of ACT residents has changed in response to the ban, with customers now used to bringing their own bags to the supermarket.

While we have done our bit to limit the number of plastic bags being sent to land fill, globally, 1 trillion plastic bags are still used each year (a trillion = 1 million million!!).

The following infographic was brought to my attention by one of our readers. It comes from a website titled, “Suffocating the World,” and looks at the use and impact of plastic bags.