By Kelly

The latest round of international climate negotiations have once again been plagued by talk of collapse, of an inability to agree on targets, and on failure to meet previous commitments. So where is the hope? As always the indomitable Professor Barbara Norman is there with her proactive stance on climate change.

I have always found her approach the antidote to the rhetoric that often  inhibits a collective action on climate change. The problem is so enormous that people give up before they start, ‘too hard’ they cry, ‘but what can one person do?!’ Ultimately, extreme weather events and rising sea level affect the individual and their community.  It is people that die or become displaced, and a community that needs to respond and adapt.

Action starts with individual actions, with local communities responding and demanding change. This groundswell becomes the voice of a region, and that can influence a national government. In this short interview Barbara talks of the inspiration and innovation being found when you get regional representatives from similar climates sharing information and strategies to deal with common concerns. Get your hands dirty people, it’s here on the ground where the action is happening!

To keep track of Barbara as she fights the good fight, you can follow her on Twitter here, or keep an eye on how she translates these beliefs in to action through her work directing CURF (Canberra Urban and Regional Futures) with that other sage and climate scholar, Professor Will Steffan.