By Claire

Shortly the Earth will begin to disintegrate, or will explode from the inside out, or will get hammered by something from space, or will erupt and shake itself to pieces (not to mention the zombie plague) so it seems like a good time to reflect on the first year of our blog.

My David Attenborough impersonation
My David Attenborough impersonation

The magnificent Kelly Strzepek, blog founder extraordinaire kicked off the blog with a post on her midterm in December last year. Since then, she has blogged her way to Antarctica and back, shared the highs and lows of life as a PhD student, filled us in on countless new scientific discoveries, and some not so scientific ones…

wichwonwerks128650332134104553We’ve also been brought on a journey by Nick, who has walked us through his PhD, posting about his stalagmite’s journey from a cave, to a rock saw, to the polisher, to the mill, to the weighing room, and (finally) to the mass spec… still using the mass spec… WORK DAMN IT!!


Lava spewing from a volcano near Eyfafjallajokull, Iceland, 2010 (Source:

Brendan has been a never ending source of information about volcanoes in Australia, volcanoes under the sea, supervolcanoesvolcanic YouTube clips and, well, anything to do with volcanoes really. Not that this is all he posts about. We’ve also read some great stories about selling T-Rexs, Mercury, Lasers and pennys.

Evan "clearly" convinced that he has found some dinosaur footprints.

Evan – our resident geophysicist – has brought us posts about, everything really. From conferences and fieldtrips, failures of justice, failures of Google and failures of science, oceanography, seismology, climatology and geology, we’ve learnt about it all.

c_06182010And then there’s myself, the climate change nut. I’ve posted about all things weather and climate (including the difference between the two). I’ve ranted about the carbon tax, arctic sea ice loss, sea level rise, greenhouse gas emissions and our inability to limit the worst effects of climate change. I’ve given lessons on interpreting weather maps, posted about thousands of spiders and campaigned for renewable energy. No wonder my husband thinks I’m a hippie!

port-tumblr_m8chcbHQ5U1rozo50o1_500-620x414We’ve also had some great posts from our guest contributors. Mike has taught us about the importance of cats in geology, brought us the latest in hairstyles and alien geologists. Kate has posted about elephants, giving presentations and fieldwork. Adi has kept us up to date with all things “space”, posting about Curiosity, the Higgs Boson, views from space and scientific experiments from the international space station.

As you can see, we’ve had a hugely busy year, posting about all things earth science and we are taking a well earned break.

But don’t despair! We will be running a series called “From the archives” over the holidays, where we re-visit some of our earlier posts.

We will be back and blogging on the 7th January.

Until then, have a great Christmas and thanks for all your support in 2012.

From the oncirculation team.

The core of OnCirculation from top, Kelly Strzepek and Evan Gowan, and bottom, Claire Krause, Nick Scroxton and Brendan Hanger
The core of OnCirculation from top, Kelly Strzepek and Evan Gowan, and bottom, Claire Krause, Nick Scroxton and Brendan Hanger