090904-01-great-pacific-garbage-patch-gyre-ocean-trash_bigBy Claire

I remember when I was in primary school, one of my teachers was obsessed with glad wrap. She hated the stuff! She would walk around the play ground at recess and lunch time, picking up all the little bits of plastic she encountered and encouraged us to do the same. 

That teacher instilled in me a life-long (well, my life so far anyway) hatred for plastic and a desire to use re-usable products where possible.

You only need to go on a walk pretty much anywhere to see the impact that plastic rubbish is having on the environment. It’s everywhere!!

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is testament to the longevity of plastic in the environment. It basically is a huge island of plastic in the middle of the Pacific, accumulated in the middle of an ocean gyre. Chris Jordan has captured the terrible consequences of all this plastic waste on Albatrosses on Midway Atoll in a photographic collection (warning – images may be disturbing).

But what can we do?

We were recently contacted by an oncirculation reader from onlineeducation.net, hoping to get their message about the importance of recycling plastic out to our readers.

I think the part of this infographic that really got my attention was the line, “In fact, if you fill one water bottle a quarter full with oil, that’s about how much it took to make it.”

That’s absolutely shocking!! I once read a post on the internet that said something along the lines of, “when did we get to the stage where it was easier to extract and process fossil fuels to create a plastic fork and ship it around the world to be used once, then thrown away rather than just washing a metal one.”

Take a look at this infographic, and please comment below telling us what you do to try to limit your use of plastic.

Image courtesy of onlineeducation.net
Image courtesy of onlineeducation.net