By Claire

I came across this post on the skeptical science website that I thought was really interesting.

“Independent videographer Peter Sinclair in this Yale Forum “2013 Climate Outlook” video pairs the expert insights of Michigan and Minnesota meteorologists Jeff Masters and Paul Douglas with the expert climatology perspectives of scientists Katharine Hayhoe of Texas Tech University, Michael Mann of Penn State University, and Jennifer Francis of Rutgers University” (see the full post here).

The scientists interviewed talk about the extreme weather seen across the USA in 2012 and talk about it in the context of climate change.

What I found particularly interesting was the histogram plot shown near the end of the video. What this plot shows is the change in the mean global temperature, and the effect that this has on extreme weather events. You’ll see that as the globe has warmed (by only 1 degree Celsius so far), temperatures that in the early part of this century, were thought of as “extreme” have become much more common, and even higher temperatures have now begun to occur.

To echo Kelly’s post from last week, we need to act now to stop this mean from shifting even higher to limit the expansion of extreme weather events.