By Nick

OxfordSparks is a great website run by the University of Oxford designed to showcase their research in an accessible way to the general public, so it is well worth a look. Every so often, they commission an animated video. Their latest piece is Earth Sciences related, hooray!  Its called Underwater Volcano Disaster and is narrated by comedian Ed Byrne.

The scientist behind the animation, Prof. David Pyle, taught me for a couple of volcanology courses during my undergrad years. He was perpetually enthusiastic about his subject and the interest of his students. So much so that I really considered volcanology as a discipline for me to study, just before I discovered how amazing paleoclimate can be. Despite my switch to the world of ice, forams and stalagmites, I still have a fondness for volcanology, and indeed, part of my research involves trying to trace historical eruptions using paleoclimate methods and materials.