Pondering the lessons I've learnt
Pondering the lessons I’ve learnt

By Claire

Right now I am sitting in Melbourne Airport, getting ready to fly back to Canberra after attending the AMOS Conference at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

I have to admit to writing yesterday’s post on the weekend while I was preparing my talk for the conference. I actually considered not posting my “struggle” with so-called “imposter syndrome” but I decided that it was a valid fear that some people might relate to. I did manage to overcome my fear of being exposed as a fraud by the time that I had to give my talk.

I actually realised that I know more than I thought I did. Telling people about my work and being able to answer questions that I was asked was something of an ego boost. It’s not until you actually face talking to people about what you know, that you yourself get to find out what you know.

It turns out that I do know what a “monsoon” is, which I’m sure is a relief to my supervisors, since that’s what my PhD topic is. My talk went really well and I actually got some great feedback, which helped to reassure me that I’m going along ok.

I apologise for the complete lack of scientific content in this post, but being a scientist isn’t always about the science.