By Nick


Not bad is it?

This is the view from the outdoor poster area at the Pages conference I am attending in Goa, India. It is hot and sunny* and I haven’t worn shoes all week. This is the kind of conference I could get used to.

Sometimes a PhD can be a tough gig. But there are weeks like these when everything is pretty amazing. I have had the chance to travel to a tropical country with a great climate and present my poster to the world. And it has gone down really well. I’ve had loads of good suggestions and ideas about my work, lots of positive feedback (only a couple of negative comments).

Add to this all of the talks and posters by other scientists I’ve been too, many of them super-inretesting or inspiring and it’s been a pretty good week for me, learning so much. We even had a guest lecture by Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, the chair of the IPCC, which was pretty damn cool.

The food has been amazing too, curries every day, for every meal, including breakfast (which took a little getting used to). And plenty of Kingfisher beer. Our accommodation has a pool, and I’ve been swimming every morning before breakfast. I’ve met old friends and made new ones, and gotten the chance to talk to some really good scientists.

It has been an awesome week, but like all conferences, it is pretty full-on. After six days of conferencing, at two meetings, I am tired and need a rest. I think I’ll just head down to the beach…

* ok, it can be a little too humid and sticky at times, and it tends to be a bit hazy than brilliant sunshine, but really, I’m not in the mood for complaining.