science_communications.v2By Claire

Regular readers of this blog will know that effective science communication is one of the key aims of the OnCirculation team. After all, what’s the point in coming up with great scientific results if you can’t communicate them to anyone?

In the past, scientific results were primarily communicated through journal articles (and for many people, this is still the case). The problem with that is that your reach is limited to the people who have access to the journal you publish in, and to be honest, that’s not a whole lot of people in most instances.

If you want to widely communicate the results of your research, nowadays, you need to embrace social media. Facebook is a great way to communicate complicated scientific ideas simply and to a wide audience. It has become a platform for sharing ideas quickly and easily, and let’s face it, without a whole lot of effort.

Here, I just want to share a few of my favourite scientific Facebook feeds. Please feel free to add to this list in the comments. 

644518_482964478391235_1344225470_n1) “I fucking love science“. Now, I know the name is quite divisive (you either love it or hate it), but IFLS has to be one of the most popular and effective scientific communication feeds on Facebook. At last check, they have 3.6 MILLION people following their feed, which is hugely impressive when you consider that all they post is content related to science. They post content from all fields of science and quite a few science memes, just to keep things varied.

556137_10150770708382518_443391753_n2) “ScienceAlert“. This is a much more serious science feed, but it’s full of really interesting studies carried out in a huge variety of scientific fields. This site is actually Australian and so does feature a large number of studies from Australia and New Zealand. Again, this site is hugely successful, and currently has 2.5 million followers.

41610_54971236771_2082379508_n3) “NASA“. This feed is primarily focussed on the space aspect of NASA’s program, and contains all sorts of space related info, from pictures from the Hubble telescope, to information about life in the International Space Station.

22337_317340773334_4387557_n4) “Skeptical Science“. Anyone who’s read any of my blog posts knows how much I love this website. Basically, it addresses common climate change myths that float around the internet and provides excellent information on the science of climate change. Their Facebook feed highlights articles on the web that act to debunk bad climate science. It’s a really interesting feed if you’re interested in climate change at all.

5) “Piled Higher and Deeper” aka the PHD comic. An absolute must for anyone undertaking a PhD. Basically the website is an online comic which pokes fun at all aspects of postgraduate life and academia.


6) And of course, “OnCirculation” is on Facebook! Make sure you follow us on Facebook to receive daily updates from our blog site.

Are there any other science Facebook feeds that you love? Let us know in the comments below!