imagesBy Claire

I absolutely love images of erupting volcanoes, especially when they occur in ice covered mountains. Any lucky for me, today’s blog post includes both of these things!

The Plosky Tolbachik volcano in east Russia has been erupting since November last year after being dormant for 35 years.

New images have emerged of lava flows from this volcano, moving through ice covered slopes. The images are quite spectacular and are making news headlines around the world.

While I was researching this volcano, I came across some really interesting websites that you might be interested in.

The Global Vulcanism Program has a great website which has information on the geology and eruption history of the world’s volcanoes. You can check out their weekly reports to see a list of all active volcanic eruptions around the world.

The USGS Earthquake Hazards Program has a comprehensive list of all the latest earthquakes from around the world.  You can also search a list of archived earthquakes and find out about significant events. If you just want to know more about earthquakes in general, you can find out more on their “learn” page.

And if you’re interested in earthquakes recorded in Australia, you can’t go past the seismometers in schools Facebook page.

Are there any other great earthquake/volcano web pages that you regularly use?