By Kelly

After my enormously successful week on the instrument I discovered I had a lot of rather mindless data reduction to perform. To help pass the time I downloaded a bunch of podcasts produced by Radiolab in New York City. All the podcast tie together a number of loosely related science based stories under a common theme. In one episode titled “Bliss” the team talk to Aleksander Gamme, a Norwegian explorer adventurer type who you can see in the video below. He’s speaking Norwegian so let me fill you in on the back story a little.

It’s day 86 and Aleks is returning from his trek  into the Antarctic wilderness. It’s been a gruelling few months, he’s lost 20 kgs and has been permanently hungry…He’s been burying things for himself along the way to lighten the load on the trek in, but at this point in the trip he can’t actually remember what he’s buried. Wait until you get to the minute mark, and you see pure, unadulterated happiness.

Spoiler alert if you continue reading so watch the man first!

Cheezy doodles. He loses his sh*t over cheezy doodles. Which seems like an extreme reaction but then again I’ve never been hungry for months. Actually, the thought horrifies me. I’m a bit of an eater, so maybe I too would lose my sh*t over cheezy doodles. But it got me thinking, what would I want to see in that bag? I guess it’s similar to being asked what you would take to a deserted island? I’ve always said tweezers but to be honest after trekking acorss the Antarctic I would proabaly be happier with cheezy doodles.

If you’re interested in having a listen to Radiolab podcasts you can check them out here, and find Bliss, here. Now reader, it’s the weekend, go out and do something that makes you howl at the sky.