By Kelly

Normally I might put a piece like this as a ‘Not-so-serious-Sunday‘ post. But Chris Hadfield‘s recent recording from his studio in space is worth featuring mid week.  His rendition of David Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’ has gone viral, with even the original singer, the legendary chameleon eyed Daved Bowie, describing the cover as ‘possibly the most poignant version of the song ever created.‘ Quite possibly.

Yesterday Chris Hadfild arrived home to planet Earth after 146 days in space, where the social media outlet Twitter has made him the most famous astronaut since Neil Armstrong.


The former engineer and test pilot from Ontario Canada produced a myriad of ‘quirky’ videos and spectacular images that have been shown through the NASA site (see here). His communications challenge the perception of the ‘scientist’ and have peaked the interest of millions in the NASA space program, and the wonders of science more generally.

Chris demonstrates that a scientists can be creative, engaging, articulate and funny. Smart does not equal boring. Science is not about wearing a lab coat* and working in isolation, it’s about singing David Bowie cover songs in outer space and communicating to the world how cool a career science can be. And then coming home safetly. Welcome home!

* Alright, it is about wearing lab coats sometimes.