By Nick,

Unfortunately its Pavlov’s Dog, and Pavlof Volcano, but it would have been such a good joke.

Over sixty volcanoes erupt on earth every year, but most of these are underwater, or in countries where the media cycle is less than the 24 hour constant barrage we face in the west. So hooray for volcanoes blowing up in the United States*, or about to, or maybe. Still. News is out today that seismic activity around Pavlof volcano has increased, signalling that an eruption is on the way. Pavlof is located on the Alaskan peninsula and is one of the more active volcanos in the region, with close to 40 known eruptions.

And it may already have started. Its also quite hot, as you can see from one very white pixel in this satellite image.

I like a good eruption, but lets hope the community of Cold Bay, who can’t currently see the volcano as its cloudy, aren’t harmed.

Update: it appears to have cleared up a bit and an ash cloud can now be seen.

"A thermal anomaly is likely the result of new lava at Pavlof"
“A thermal anomaly is likely the result of new lava at Pavlof”

Another volcano is also on the orange alert level, a bit further out in the Aleutian Islands. Unfortunately Cleveland volcano doesn’t have seismic instruments, but satellite imagery shows us it had a small eruption earlier in the month.

You can check out all the latest info at the Alaska Volcano Observatory at: where you can check out cool things like predicted ash cloud trajectories.

* now there’s a statement that will get your blog read by the CIA