By Adi

What if you had just three minutes to leave your mark on the world? Could you share your contribution to humanity in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee?

In this age of texts, tweets and likes, it is time for young scientists around the world to join, the Three Minute Club. Recently, a multitude of top-rated journals have begun offering researchers the opportunity to summarise their work in a few minutes as video abstracts. See for example, Paper Flicks at the journal Cell or the AudioSlides offered by the journal publisher Elsevier.

The Three Minute Thesis (3MT) flame has spread like wild fire in Australia and I absolutely loved the experience of participating in it last year – made even more rewarding when I won the ANU finals 🙂 Unexpected fame and other recognitions followed, with one of the most recent highlights being a feature about my research on ABC Radio National’s The Science Show with Robyn Williams.

If you like to see some of the best three minute performers in action check out the 3MT Showcase or if you are in Canberra, why not attend the ANU Science Finals on 22nd August or the ANU 3MT Finals on 18th September.

Here is an engaging presentation exploring mankind’s journey into the Earth and beyond, courtesy of a similar competition this year in the US hosted by NASA and National Geographic called FameLab.

Hope you enjoyed the infotainment. Look forward to welcoming you soon in the Three Minute Club!

BTW: If you are wondering why three minutes, and not four or five… check out The Rule of Three – even Steve Jobs used it!