By Chops

Thanks to the wonders of social media, I just noticed a small volcanic vent (a fumarole) has popped up right near Rome’s airport. Footage of the little vent in action is shown here:

In terms of discussion about this, there hasn’t been a heap getting out there since the fumarole was noticed on Saturday. The most detailed news report so far is by the Telegraph in the UK ( and a tiny  bit more technical info is given by but there’s not too much more information out there (and I’m also far from a vulcanologist, so I won’t add any more of my own commentary).

In any case, it’s a cool little display of our active planet. We often forget that it is actively forming and deforming, and these geological phenomena popping up are a great reminder. Even if it does turn out to be from rotting organic matter underneath the ground (which is the other postulated source for it), it’s a good chance to at least reflect on our active planet, anyway :).